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Marmox Showerlay 360 1000x1000x20MM (centre INC DRAIN)

360 Showerlays are pre-sloped flooring panels with integral drainage used to create “level access” tiled shower areas. Complete tiled wetrooms or simple shower areas are made using the Marmox system of a Marmox Showerlay, which provides the drainage area beneath the shower head and Marmox Multiboards on the walls and surrounding floor. Showerlay and Multiboard both provide an exceptionally stable “decoupling” substrate to tile upon. They also provide thermal insulation and are completely impermeable to water guaranteeing them to be totally leak-proof. Price shown includes Showerlay, drains and grate.


Profile 360 Showerlay
Size 1000x1000
Thickness 20MM
Properties Cementeous Board
Drain Position Centre
Pack Quantity 1
£139.02 incl VAT

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